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Circle’s head of trading is leaving the company

Circle’s head of trading, Dan Matuszewski, has announced internally that he is moving on from the company: CoinDesk; he’s being replaced by Nick Gustafson, a Kraken and UBS alum – Link

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Nexo launches a debit card that lets you not spend your crypto

Nexo has partnered with an unnamed credit card provider to launch a crypto card with a line of credit backed by the user’s crypto holdings, which offers a way for users to “spend the value of their crypto without actually spending it,” said the companies; crypto credit cards that convert cryptocurrencies to fiat for every transaction, Nexo […]

By |August 5th, 2019|Regulation|0 Comments plans to Launch an Exchange has announced it will launch a crypto exchange called; in a statement, the company said:
“While our company thinks the bitcoin cash network will be adopted by the masses worldwide, we also think it’s important to promote free markets and choice” – Link

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Grayscale’s $2.7B in crypto assets will now be held by Coinbase Custody

Grayscale Investments has chosen Coinbase Custody to serve as the new security provider for its digital asset holdings, the two companies announced Friday; Coinbase Custody, which Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says already holds around $1B in digital assets, will act as the custodian for Grayscale’s investment products. Grayscale claims to hold $2.7 billion in total […]

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TokenSoft rolls out automated KYB framework

Token platform TokenSoft is improving its Know Your Business (KYB) practices in the wake of FinCEN amendment to the Bank Secrecy Act by automating the process; what once could take up to 10 days has been cut down to a matter of hours, according to Mason Borda, Founder and CEO of TokenSoft. Similar to Know […]

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China’s central bank seeks to accelerate the development of its ‘legal digital currency’

China’s central bank said that it plans to accelerate the research and development of its “legal digital currency”, according to a statement issued by the People’s Bank of China today; in July, the director of the bank’s research bureau Wang Xin disclosed that the bank is looking into developing its own cryptocurrency in response to […]

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‘Building’ Bitcoin’s software just got a bit more trustless – Alyssa Hertig

📚   Compiling and running Bitcoin’s source code (or any blockchain protocols code) requires a bit of trust, like it or not, explains CoinDesk’s Alyssa Hertig; but a recent code change could help; featuring container software Guix, code was recently merged into the most popular bitcoin implementation, Bitcoin Core, meaning it’s now ready for any users […]

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Apple Card will not allow purchase of cryptocurrencies

Apple’s credit card (being launched with Goldman Sachs) will not allow the purchase of cryptocurrencies with the card, according to a customer agreement posted to Goldman’s website on Friday; Reuters reports that the customer agreement said the card cannot be used to purchase cash advances or cash equivalents that include cryptocurrencies – Link

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Square Q2 bitcoin sales topped a record $125 million, up over 240% since last year

Square posted a record $125.1M in quarterly bitcoin sales for the second quarter of 2019, almost double volumes last quarter and up more than 240% since Q2 2018 – Link

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MIT’s AI lab crunched 200,000 Bitcoin transactions. Only 2% were ‘illicit’.

Elliptic, a blockchain analytics firm, partnered with MIT to publish a public dataset of bitcoin transactions associated with illicit activity; the group’s study categorized 203,769 bitcoin node transactions worth roughly $6B in total and explored whether artificial intelligence could assist current anti-money laundering (AML) procedures; after examining the nodes’ association with known entities, researchers found […]

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