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BitPay launches support for Ethereum

BitPay today announced its customers will soon be able to accept Ethereum meaning businesses using BitPay for payment processing can accept Ethereum for purchases without the need for any integration or enhancements – Link

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Litecoin named Miami Dolphins official cryptocurrency

The Litecoin Foundation has teamed up with the Miami Dolphins to become the first official cryptocurrency of an NFL team; Litecoin and Bitcoin will now be accepted at home games 50/50 raffle; Aliant Payments will be facilitating transactions – Link

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Samsung releases blockchain and DApp software development kit

Korean tech giant Samsung has released its DApp software development kit, the Samsung Blockchain SDK; the tool kit allows for account management, digital signature facilitation, supports Samsung Keystore, and other cold wallet features; Samsung released its Galaxy S10 in March with native crypto key management and announced the development of Samsung Coin in April – Link

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Bitcoin’s mining difficulty just posted its biggest increase since 2018

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty jumped by 14.23% from 7.93 trillion to 9.06 trillion at block 584,640 on July 9th; the jump clear past the 8 trillion range has predictions for the next adjustment to 10.35 trillion; hashing power hit as high as 74.5 quintillion hashes per second, although the percent increase in hashing power over the […]

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$1M loans are being minted on MakerDAO

MakerDAOs first $1M Dai loan was conducted in late June with MakerDAO expecting more to be on the way; “I would not be surprised to see a $3M mint by end of the year,” MakerDAO’s Joe Quintilian, “Minting high dollar amounts has been steadily increasing over the past year”; Ethereum’s steady price rise is speculated […]

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Coinbase has announced that it is examining the addition of five new coins

Coinbase has announced that it is examining the addition of five new coins; the trading platform is exploring the possibility of adding new assets to its trading lists, including Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and 0x (ZRX); additionally, Coinbase said it will negotiate with local banks and regulators to add the assets to as […]

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CEO of Interbank FX Todd Crosland launching cryptocurrency brokerage; the service will be called CoinZoom, and will use BitGo as its digital wallet security provider; CoinZoom will launch with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash; CoinZoom currently offers demo accounts – Link

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Galileo launches real-time funds transfer; the payment processor will do this through the Galileo Cryptocurrency API; it is intended the technology will ”bridge the gap” between cryptocurrencies and mainstream payments, by making payments significantly faster – Link

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Monero confirms support for Ledger Wallet; the privacy-centered altcoin’s lead developer, Riccardo Spagni, said as much in a podcast interview; moreover, the integration has ”already” happened – if you are a developer; it is still unclear when the public rollout will occur – Link

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Ledger Wallet’s Bitcoin Cash problems seem to be solved; users have been unable to access or send their BCH following a Ledger Wallet update; the company has now, however, updated their BCH servers and are stating that ”the incident is considered resolved” – Link

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