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Circle is raising a $100M fund for its crowdfunding arm 3 days ago

According to recent LinkedIn post, Circle is hiring a General Partner to raise a $100M venture capital fund; the firm acquired SeedInvest earlier this year, and will be looking to leverage their deal flow and network of investors – Link

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MakerDAO token holders vote on the priority list for multi-collateral Dai 2 days ago

Maker token holders have voted for which tokens will be prioritized in multi-collateral Dai; according to the votes the priority list will be Ethereum, Augur, Basic Attention Token, 0x, DigixDAO, OmiseGo, and Golem; between 39 and 50 unique voters participated in voting for each asset – Link

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Anchorage raises $40M Series B led by Blockchain Capital

Digital asset custodian Anchorage raises $40M Series B led by Blockchain Capital with participation from Visa and Andreessen Horowitz; the company raised a $17M Series A six months ago; targets businesses with a no-password system that requires multiple employees verify withdrawals; also uses AI and biometrics for authentication – Link

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Near Protocol raises $12.5 million

Blockchain building firm NEAR has closed a $12.1M Series A funding round led by Metastable and Accomplice; the public proof of stake blockchain network is taking aim at Ethereum hoping to supplant its developer base through its ‘theoretically limitless’ sharding solution – Link

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Sia Network raises $3.5 million from Bain Capital to become crypto Hulu

Nebulous’ Sia Network has raised $3.5M in a Series A joined by Bain Capital and DragonFly Capital to expand its decentralized data storage operation including video streaming; the network currently holds some 450 terabytes of data with 500-1,000 active users; Nebulous plans on doubling its staff with the funds – Link

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Bitcoin’s mining difficulty just posted its biggest increase since 2018

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty jumped by 14.23% from 7.93 trillion to 9.06 trillion at block 584,640 on July 9th; the jump clear past the 8 trillion range has predictions for the next adjustment to 10.35 trillion; hashing power hit as high as 74.5 quintillion hashes per second, although the percent increase in hashing power over the […]

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$1M loans are being minted on MakerDAO

MakerDAOs first $1M Dai loan was conducted in late June with MakerDAO expecting more to be on the way; “I would not be surprised to see a $3M mint by end of the year,” MakerDAO’s Joe Quintilian, “Minting high dollar amounts has been steadily increasing over the past year”; Ethereum’s steady price rise is speculated […]

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Coinbase has announced that it is examining the addition of five new coins

Coinbase has announced that it is examining the addition of five new coins; the trading platform is exploring the possibility of adding new assets to its trading lists, including Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and 0x (ZRX); additionally, Coinbase said it will negotiate with local banks and regulators to add the assets to as […]

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Nasdaq to delist Long Blockchain Stock; this move comes at the request of Long Blockchain; Long Blockchain will, however, continue its operations without being listed on Nasdaq; the company added that Long Blockchains stock will rather be traded on the Pink Current Information Tier – Link

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