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Bitmain IPO filing set to expire

Bitmain’s filing to list its initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) will seemingly reach the end of its six-month expiration window today, as a Dovey Wan noted on Twitter; HKEx listing rules create a six-month window for any application to proceed to Listing Committee hearings; Bitmain’s filed on September 26, […]

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A failed ICO is selling itself on ebay for $60K

Sponsy launched an initial coin offering in 2017, but did not sell a single token. Now Ivan Komar, the project’s founder, is attempting to sell the token project’s brand and codebase on eBay; the listing mentions that the buyer will receive “solid social presence”, legal documents, and “thousands of lines of code”- Link

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20,000 of Tron’s Justin Sun’s 50,000 new Twitter followers are likely fake

20,000 of Tron’s Justin Sun’s 50,000 new Twitter followers are likely fake, according to researcher Geoff Golberg; analysis reveals almost half of the new followers are extremely similar and uniform in consistency, pointing towards software creation; leading signs include all the accounts following few people, were just created, and have few tweets – Link

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Indian Supreme Court window cryptocurrency regulation framework coming to a close

The four week window given by the Indian Supreme Court to the government for a cryptocurrency regulation framework is coming to a close on March 29th; the window was issued on February 25th to provide a final impetus for wrapping up the slow progress; the Supreme Court will not hear any cases relating to the […]

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Position open for blockchain and digital asset initiatives at Citigroup

A project management position for blockchain and digital asset initiatives at Citigroup has closed, according to The Block; the position’s job requirements point toward a larger role of the technologies in the bank’s future for driving “multiple internal and external engagements,” although no specific projects are addressed – Link

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Facebook is going after the USD not BTC

📚  Speculation and predictions about Facebook’s blockchain development team and potential “FaceCoin” launch abound, but Bitcoin might not be its targeted competitor; Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik, hypothesizes that the social media giant could aim to usurp the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency and dominant medium of exchange; with its ubiquitous messenger and content […]

By |March 25th, 2019|Regulation|0 Comments has ended cryptocurrency payments

Game-streaming company has ended cryptocurrency payments, as the options for purchases in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash have disappeared; cryptocurrency purchases were first added in mid-2018; the deletions were not publicly announced, but first noticed on Reddit – Link

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Digitec-Galaxus, is now accepting Bitcoin, & Ethereum

The largest online retailer in Switzerland, Digitec-Galaxus, is now accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and eight other cryptocurrencies for means of payment; Transactions will be processed and converted by Coinify but is only in Switzerland for the time being; the addition of crypto payments is mostly a marketing move for younger customers – Link

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BIS settlements exec advises against central bank digital currencies

In a recent speech, Bank of International Settlement (BIS) manager Agustin Carstens declared central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) dangerous, citing bank runs and interest rate issues; CBDCs could allow bank deposits to move quicklier out of central banks to smaller national or commercial banks, putting central banks at risk; the interest rate structure would also […]

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EOS interim constitution scrapped

The EOS interim constitution is one major Block Participant (BP) vote away from being scrapped in favor of the top 21 BPs running the network; a EOS User Agreement (EUA) has been created on EOS Authority and currently sits at 14 of the needed 15 votes; the EUA would ignore the constitutions, referendum tools, and […]

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