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Bitmain lost $150K because it mined an invalid Bitcoin block

Bitmain’s Antpool erroneously invalidated a Bitcoin block it mined by adding the coinbase award with the transaction fee, asking for a 13.26 BTC reward instead of the current reward of 12.5 BTC; the error was attributed to a software snafu costing the mining pool the $146.2K in BTC reward plus energy spent – Link

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Bitstamp snags Gemini compliance exec as it expands into US

Bitstamp picked up Gemini’s Deputy Compliance Officer Caitlin Barrett for its expanding U.S. operations as Chief Compliance Officer; the European-based exchange was awarded a New York BitLicense in April – Link

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SEC approves RegA+ token offering for Props

The Secuirities and Exchange Commission has given Blockstack the green light to Props for its own Reg A+; unlike Blockstack Props will not use the offering to raise money but instead to compliantly offer rewards to content creators and consumers on its network; the project has already raised $21M through a token sale with backers including […]

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Fidelity, Deloitte, Amazon support new blockchain accelerator

IDEO’s blockchain accelerator program ‘Startup Studio’ is now backed by major space players like Fidelity, Deloitte, Amazon, and the Ethereum Foundation; each participating backer provides startup guidance for projects free of charge; IDEO has worked with notable crypto projects Augur, Grin, and ZCash to date – Link

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Metropolitan Bank says it shut down Tether’s account after 5 months

New York’s Metropolitan Bank and Signature Bank asked Tether to shut down accounts it held at the banks after only five months; New York’s Office of the Attorney General says the accounts give the office authority to charge parent company iFinex over an alleged funds cover-up between Bitfinex and Tether – Link

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Near Protocol raises $12.5 million

Blockchain building firm NEAR has closed a $12.1M Series A funding round led by Metastable and Accomplice; the public proof of stake blockchain network is taking aim at Ethereum hoping to supplant its developer base through its ‘theoretically limitless’ sharding solution – Link

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Canada: crypto exchanges must register with financial watchdog next June

Canadian crypto exchanges must register with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FinTRAC) by June 1, 2020, under new anti-money laundering rules per CoinTelegraph; exchanges will also have to keep transaction records and hire a compliance officer; the FinTRAC regulations are part of an effort to bring banks and crypto onto the […]

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Bitcoin Average Dormancy – Adaptive Capital

📚    Bitcoin Average Dormancy measures Bitcoin days destroyed over the on-chain volume giving a clearer indication of general market sentiment, according to Adaptive Capital. By measuring how often and how much old BTC HODLers are releasing coins into the ecosystem, a picture of market bullishness versus bearishness appears. Multiple metrics jump off from Average […]

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SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offering

Decentralized internet project Blockstack has received the green light from the SEC to conduct a token sale in the U.S under Regulation A+; according to an SEC filing the offering will allow Blockstack to raise up to $28M from both accredited and non-accredited investors while a concurrent Reg S could raise an additional $10M from […]

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Fed Chairman Jay Powell testifies on Libra before House Financial Committee

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell answered questions before the House Financial Committee head by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on Libra saying the central bank has been in contact with Facebook; Powell says the bank is in favor of “responsible innovation” but still harbored fears over money laundering and privacy concerns; Powell says both the Financial Stability […]

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